Church Activities

You are welcome to join us each Sunday
at 9:45am for Sunday School!

Sunday Morning Sunday School (9:45-10:45)

Half & Half Class – Led by Lisa Dale, Lynn Stansel, Bessie Rider, Keith Thompson.  This class meets in Room 206.

50/50 ClassLed by Kathy Juby and Council Mattoon.  This class meets in Room 107.

Double Circle Class – Led by Margaret Brummett.  This class meets in Room 105.

NurseryLed by Susie Rohloff and Pam Stansel.  The church nursery is in Room 204.

Pre-K & Kindergarten  – Lead by Bonnie Samuelson.  This class meets in Room 302.

1-2 Grade – Led by Shaelee Mendenhall.

3-4 Grade – Led by Christy Hard, and Ivy and Matt Newton.

5-6 Grade – Led by Gaylon Green, Jon Austin.

Children’s Breakfast – Led by Shirley Basgall.

Youth Group – Led by Shaelee Mendenhall.

Wednesday Evening

SpiritFirst is our praise team and has practice in the Sanctuary each Wednesday evening at 5:30pm.

ChimeRingers practice on Wednesday evenings in the Sanctuary at 6:15pm each week.  ChimeRingers are led by Jill Wager.  They play special music during worship throughout the year including special holiday music at Easter and Christmas.

Sunday Evening (6:00-7:30)

Youth Group meets every Sunday night at 6 pm in the youth room.  7th graders through high school are welcome to join in this fun time!

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