Weekly Update for 9/17/2015

Weekly Update
This Sunday: Back to the Sanctuary!

This Sunday we return to the sanctuary! It may still be a bit warm outside, but after a fun summer of worship in Fellowship Hall it’s time to go “home.” It will be interesting to see what “gifts” we bring back and what we appreciate anew. One tangible gift: notice the banners behind the altar in this picture– one of them is the one we made for the Fellowship Hall altar!

This Sunday we’ll also continue the series on meeting Jesus “Up Close.” This week the story from scripture is someone, or rather a small group of people, who met Jesus and suspiciously did NOT have their lives changed– for them it was simply an “of course” moment. Come and grow for your own “of course” moment with Jesus!

Also This Sunday: Various “Open Houses”
We took advantage of the time worshiping in Fellowship Hall to do some much needed remodeling work and now that work is mostly done. So this Sunday we have THREE open houses so you can see the fresh spaces! One is the Parlor: fresh carpet, new kitchen counters, and even some new furniture– it’s beautiful! The Choir Loft had the most extensive work done including the widening of the entryway and the removal of the awkward steps to make it more accessible. The beautiful new tile floor will also help the choir’s sound project to help them sound even better. Lastly, Shaelee and our children’s ministry is doing some great things up on the third floor. Go check out their new, dedicated Children’s Church room, new breakfast area, and classrooms. The Prayer Walls are an especially nice touch!

ALSO This Sunday: Fellowship Dinner at Noon!
What a big Sunday! In addition to everything else we’ll also have a Fellowship Dinner after second service. The main course will be provided but please bring a side or dessert– but you’re welcome even if you can’t. The “excuse” for the meal: welcoming back Pastor Jeff and his family for another year of ministry!

Fall Party Celebrating Children’s Ministry
Children’s ministry is hosting a fall party. We’ll meet after church on October 11th for hotdogs and “tailgate” before heading to Gaedderts farm and corn maze. This event is scheduled to strengthen families and bring members of our church closer together. The bus will be available for those who choose not to drive. It is $7.50 per person to get in. Children 3 and under are free. Please let Shaelee Mendenhall know if you plan to attend. Scholarships are available to those in need of assistance.

Missing Keys

The choir loft renovating generated a lot of dust and while the choir was cleaning they found a set of keys in the hymnal rack of the front pew. Judging by the dust they’d been there all summer– and they include one of those car door clickers that are quite expensive. If you think they might be yours give us a call in the office.

Other Blessings

* Pantry needs: small amounts of any pantry item!
* Have you linked your Dillons Plus card with the church? If you do, a portion of all your normal purchases will go to support our ministries! You can set it up by clicking here (http://www.dillons.com/communityrewards) or contact the office if you’d like help.


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